Hello again! After a week, I'm sending all of you my greetings, only now for the first time from Dallas. I have to admit that I left Kladno with a heavy heart, because as I wrote in my last column, I got used to being at home. You know the saying - home sweet home.

Now, I must concentrate on something entirely different. It's a whole new world for me. New city, new club, new teammates. In addition, it’s a different conference of the NHL. So even though you could say that I have seen a lot in my 40 years on earth and there are only a few things that could surprise me, I am still discovering something new. At least I won't get bored.

Jaromir Jagr greets fans after his last game for Kladno during the NHL lockoutJaromir Jagr greets fans after his last game for Kladno during the NHL lockout
When it comes to first impressions, I don't have anything to complain about. I am living in a hotel near the training center and I am spending all my spare time training. I am not concentrating on anything else because I'm here for the hockey. Either I’m on the ice or I'm resting - I dont have the energy for anything else. I don’t do a lot of sightseeing, but I never did. I'm going to have enough time for that when I hang up my skates.

Therefore, I don't have much to write about regarding the city of Dallas. I could describe my hotel room to you, because that’s the place I know best, but it's nothing special. I am exaggerating a bit, but it's true that I haven't seen much of Texas during the few days I've been here.

I recall that it was the same at the beginning of my stay in Philadelphia. Training, eating, sleeping. Over and over again. I remember that the people from Sport (Deník Sport, the only Czech sports daily - translator's note) tried to persuade me to go see the famous Rocky Steps in Philadelphia, the ones that he used to run up during his workouts. They wanted a picture of me from there.

I had to admit that the idea itself was pretty good, but I ending up not going. I am not the right guy for these kinds of things. When I am in training, I need all my spare time for resting. As you might understand, training is no joking matter at my age.

I will do my best to help the team into the playoffs

To get back to talking about Dallas... I'm happy that I got the keys to the training center. After all, this was my main condition before I even signed the contract with the Stars! It was the most important article that really had to be in the contract.

I'm just kidding a bit again, which I was also doing during one of my first interviews with the American journalists. I pulled some random keys out of my pocket in front of them and claimed that they were the keys to the practice rink.

Are they really the right keys? I am trying to think how you would know if I am telling the truth. Maybe you should just try them for yourselves...

Jaromir Jagr´s departure from Vaclav Havel Airport in Prague
Jaromir Jagr´s departure from Vaclav Havel Airport in Prague
Now, on a more serious note; the schedule ahead of us is going to be extremely challenging. During the opening eleven days, we will play a total of seven games, four of them away. However, I expected that it was going to be crammed like that. Also, it's a lot of hours on the plane.

In that respect, it will be something completely different than in Philadelphia where the majority of our competitors were located much closer. However, I knew this when I signed with Dallas and I am ready. I went through a similar travelling schedule when I played in Russia and I managed to cope with that one too.

Regarding the team, I am getting to know my fellow players. Unfortunately, there's not much time to build proper chemistry on the ice. After a short training camp, we will go straight into the season. Therefore, I don't want to talk about our chances yet, it would be a bit premature.

Regardless, I will do my best to help the team into the playoffs. I'm glad that Dallas gave me a chance and now I feel that I have to return the favor.

Translated by Tomas Belonoznik and Caitlin Bonem

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