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Olomouc - Plzeň: To byla rána! Tvrďák Hollweg vysklil plexisklo Olomouc - Plzeň: To byla rána! Tvrďák Hollweg vysklil plexisklo
LIGOVÉ STŘIHY: Hapal trefil, kam se Stanciuem. V derby moc taktiky nebylo LIGOVÉ STŘIHY: Hapal trefil, kam se Stanciuem. V derby moc taktiky nebylo

I was injured after a collision with an opponent player in Detroit last week. It seemed for a while that I will be sidelined because I had some kind of hip injury. But this time it wasn’t serious so I was able to play soon.


I didn’t want to rush back because I know that playoff is coming. But in my age everyone wants to play in every game because it might be the last one, who knows... But fortunately I could come back on Thursday night against Florida, so I didn’t miss a single game. And I was happy about that especially with our injury list which is chasing us now. We need every player in that kind of situation.


But I didn’t see a lot of ice-time. I played on the fourth line. It was due to a plan in advance and I played on a power play. And I managed to score a goal during one of them. But it was cool either, I didn’t have so much attention, I was okay, nobody touched me. :-) If I knew it was like this, I would have asked ten years ago to put me on the fourth line. :-)


But why I had to play? There was another reason. I had to play at all costs because there was not a single Czech player on our roster. Pavel Kubina and Jakub Voracek were sidelined due to injury so I had to play. Everybody knows if there are no Czechs in the game it's kind of a boring game. It's like when you want to make food without salt. You would have something missing.


No, just joking. I’ve got my fingers crossed and I wish that they could return as soon as possible because we’ve been plagued with injuries and it’s unpleasant.


In that game and in the game against Toronto where we won 1-0, Ilya Bryzgalov played great for us. He’s been on a hot streak recently. He was criticized previously during the season and it wasn’t easy for him. But it takes some time to adjust to a new place especially for a goalie. But anyway he’s red hot in these days. I think it works well for him that he has been playing regularly in that span and he found his rhythm. It shows again how important is mental preparation. Once you trust yourself, it goes well. But when you’re booed by the crowd it’s difficult for you. Ilya hadn’t an easy situation but he bounced back and perhaps it will last as long as possible.


Otherwise here (in Philly) was our national coach Alois Hadamczik. After that game with Detroit, where I was injured, we talked briefly and he mentioned Czech national team and the World Championships. I couldn’t say anything particular because I believe that we’re going far with Philly in the playoffs. I can’t say more about that.


When I’m speaking about the playoffs, it’s important for us to start at home ice. I think it’s a great advantage which is the difference maker. So it’s our goal to start at home ice and that’s why this game versus Devils on Tuesday night is so important for us. I think it’ll be the most important game in March.


It’s very important to start at home ice. It has emerged in Czech playoffs recently. If my team had started with Kladno against Kometa at home ice, it would have ended differently. But it’s an “if”, so it’s not worth to address it …


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